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Yaptıgım her albümün
gizli bir hikayesi, gizli bir kahramanı vardır.
Bu albümün kahramanı, dogdugumdan bu yana
aşık oldugum Bodrum’un keşfedilmesi beklenen yeni hazinesi; Mesa Bodrum Demirbükü.

Plak Cubuk
Tuş Beyaz


If you would like to take advantage of the benefits that Mesa Bodrum offers you, please fill in the form below and we will contact you shortly.



Life at Mesa Bodrum Demirbkü is complete. Complete with blue and green; forest and sea; sun and breeze... On a bay special for just for you, spreading ts colors, day and night; Demirbükü. Nature at the center of design; a view where dreams are mixed with reality...

All is here to bring a greater meaning to life.


Mesa Bodrum Demirbükü puts life on pause while time flows at the fastest pace, being out-of-breath in the awe of amazing beauties. And feeling that you are alive again with the first breath you take... Watching the sea while breathing in foreast air. Being filled up with green after waking up to the msell of the sea.


Mesa Bodrum Demirbükü is located in a heavenly location, one of the most untouched points in peninsula, with its natural beaties preserved. The project owes its unique atmsophere to its impeccable harmony with nature... Thanks to the untouched nature that embraecs all sahdes of green, it pulls you out of routine city life and introduces you to the calm life you have always dreamed about.


The sound of the waves, the swish of the leaves and the tweets of birds are the sounds you will header while walking. These are the joyful tones of Mesa Bodrum Demirbükü's song.


Adding value to life with all its projects, Mesa has stood against ordinariness and enabled you to get excited again by preserving the natural beauties of Demirbükü Bay. It has already managed to become the new excitement of Bodrum.

Consisting of 48 villas and 196 residences with diverse views extending from the Güllük Bay to the islets across, Bodrum Demirbükü focuses on comfort in evry detail as well as totolly unique desings by offering a joyful environment in all seasons with privileged servies 24/7, completed by the surrounding forest, mild climate and unique facilites.


This unique living space bears the signature of Erginoğlu & Çalışlar Mimarlık which has won many awards at home and abroas. Addressing each project within its own context and developing innovative architectural solutions that will add value to such context, Erginoğlu & Çalışlar designed a project concept that is only worthy of the most special bay in Bodrum. Respecting the natural conditions humbly and standing in awe of nature lie in the heart of this concept. This architecture that can be defined as invisible, inaudible, insesible and is amongst the most successful examples of the "non-invasive" philosophy.


3 different villa types with varying square-meters and features; they are situated according to the slope, view and dense tree area. Promising a spacious living space with the joy of the forest, these villas are suitable for use both in winter and summer. Since sun control is easily enbabled with perfolas and sun shades, all villas receive sufficient amount of light throughout the year, and each has a floor heating system that will warm you in cold seasons.

The privilege of enjoying the sea view in your own pool is offered in all 50 villas. Speaking of the view, the glass-based facade design carries the blueness of the breathtaking bay into your villa. Your villa is awaiting to host your unforgettable moments with its interior design, high ceilings and innovative architecture that reveal the work of an exclusive taste at first sight.


6 different residence units found in Mesa Bodrum Demirbükü were designed for those that like to live a more compact life without compromising luxury. A total of 210 residences with various square-meter options are the precursors of another life with their individual entrances, large terraes, and interior architecture rhat combines aesthetics and functionality with a design that gives the feeling of a detached villa and endless green surrounding each one.


Legendary sea and untouched bays of the Bodrum peninsula have always been attractive. Demirbükü was selected carefully from among such bays due to its inspring atmosphere and untouched beauty. Then the Mesa quality combined with the uniqueness of Demirbükü.

Mesa Bodrum Demirbükü is Bodrum's most precious project with its adjacent location to Cennet Koyu (Paradise Bay) which brings the beauty of nature to light. The coast is exposed to less wind compared to surrounding bays with relaxing greenery and a beach that is exclusive to residents only.


You can touch the sea when you extend your hand from your home... You stop and think. So glad to be here. In Mesa Bodrum demirbükü, you will add the "Glad I have come from the sea" statement to your "So glad to be here". Because you will experience the privileged joy of coming to your home by setting sail and getting the wind and sun into your life and soul.


On the beach situated in an area of 19 decares with an aesthetic landscape and several different trees andemic to the region, there are areas where you can sunbathe all day and also a Beach Bar to enjoy the tasty snacks and unforgettable cocktails.

Combining the sea with the pleasure of jetties at Mesa Bodrum Demirbükü. They are waiting for you to treat yourself in the clear waters. If you want this privilege to be yours, you can also own this yacht with options unique to Mesa residents.


The forest of Demirbükü Bay is the most precious characteristic of the project. Co-existing with the ivies among the trees when viewed from a distance, Mesa Bodrum Demirbükü completes the beauties of natural life with elaborate luxurious details.

Getting lost among the trees with low-rise structures, the buildings easily adapt to the rising natural landspace of bay. The architectural designs can be defined as invisible, inaudible and insensible gracefully opens doors to a world furnished with refined tastes.

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